Torres House


Málaga, España



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Located in a residential and tourist area of Torremolinos (Malaga), twenty minutes from the city of Malaga itself, this project was carried out between two neighbouring buildings on a level plot, with an open solution being adopted. The public area, via which the house itself is entered, extends in all directions and is linked to the sky via a mobile window.

The living room has been combined with the patio/swimming pool by means of window that extends across the entire width of the room. The kitchen has also been connected to the central area, drawing from it both light and a series of powerful images from different angles of the house. The house is laid out around this central area. The first floor is home to the bedrooms, while the second provides a warm, well-lit, open-plan relaxation area located under the roof and linked to the terrace, which becomes part of the house itself.