This house is situated in “Pinares de San Antón” , urbanization in Málaga city.

The program has been for the typical family.

The plot is a triangle surrounded for the Pinea street with carrasco pines, typical of this area. Topography is sheered , sloping between streets is 12 meters. . Norms were conditioning this project.

Since the level were we could put the house it is not possible to have sights the Mediterranean Sea. The sun has difficult for to entry trough of trees. As consequence this characteristic and where could the sun give, which is in the roof . Swimming has been situated in this place with beautiful sights.
This disposition of levels resolve functional relationship.

Stairscase and elevator are a body which is a sensorial machine and a space- time very compact sinse garaje level until the roof.
In this promenade where sights are a lot, the transition which is the stair has the poetry images because its characteristic as the landscape and the intermediation between public spaces and private too.

The sensorial machine is a indivisible part of the house.

Other spaces like hall and corridor are transition among rooms and also with landscape far and near.

The carpentry light and structure confront with the stone walls images where hight and thin jumble with shawdows of the trees creating an sensorial environment
In the house limits are dissolved between exterior and interior for the landscape to be home and home to be landscape.
Since the swimming pool the visual is clear.