GEA Office and Art Exhibition


Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain



Gea is a company involved in the tourist sector, selling package holidays and air tickets.
The owner had acquired these commercial premises, of which only the reinforced concrete structure had been completed.

As far as views are concerned, the building enjoys a magnificently location, its main façade facing north onto Calle Cuesta de las Mercedes, while the rear looks south, providing views of the Mediterranean Sea and the beaches of Torremolinos. Alongside the premises in which the offices are housed stands an Arabic palace which enjoys full protection. The windows adjacent to the palace have been designed to create photographic frequency in order to emphasise the palace’s beauty and significance. The programme was developed gradually, beginning with the building of the Gea offices, for which high-density panels and glass were used.
The owners later decided to build an art gallery, the family being heavily involved in painting and sculpture. Of small dimensions, the aim of the gallery is to create a well-lit neutral space with painstakingly-chosen constructive features, such as the hanging plaster panels in which the paintings are housed, which help to create a sense of levity. Behind these panels, the lighting, which is provided by lamps, achieves a series of interesting effects, such as stumping.

The north face of the building has been carved like a piece of wood to create entrances to the different premises. The materials used in this part of the building were natural limestone and wooden doors and window frames. The rest of the building is home to a series of offices. The views of the sea are breathtakingly beautiful.