Ficus House


Málaga, España



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This project is among those classified as commercial, having been commissioned by a developer hoping to make a considerable profit from their construction and sale. The City Council suggested that I design a small block of homes rather than 8 separate dwellings, and an access road leading into the parking area which would also serve as a patio for this small development. Given the characteristics of the district in which it is located, where detached, single-family homes predominate, and taking into account norm CTP1, which allows us to develop the typology designed, I opted for a project that, though commercial, would have the appearance of a domestic housing complex. Bearing in mind that once the housing has been delivered, individual owners alter certain aesthetic features such as grilles, handrails, flooring etc. we have attempted to bring our influence to bear upon the developer in order that a logical, uniform criteria be adopted in the choice of material. This is a complex task that often gets no further than the end-of-works photo, as architectural considerations tend not to be the fundamental premise in this type of real estate operation. Nevertheless, I have decided to include this project on the site as a tribute to the effort and dedication invested in it. The current photos will be replaced once work has been completed.