Eduardo Marquina House


Huelin, Málaga, España

The house is located in Huelin, a traditional suburb in the west of the city. As the district has traditionally been the site of fishermen’s housing, the neighbouring dwellings now exhibit significant levels of structural deterioration, and the area is currently being transformed to house residential blocks subject to real estate speculation. However, there were certain key considerations to take into account, such as the overhangs and the height of the building. The commission was for a house between two small streets (on the corner) for a retired couple, collectors of natural stones. Given the reduced dimensions of the plot itself, we designed a basement, ground floor, first and second floors, plus a small terrace. The different floors are linked via a staircase and a lift or hoist. Light is a key element in the project concept; we have striven to vary its intensity in different sections of the house. The public domestic area (living room, kitchen, hall and stairway) has been carefully linked with the private area (bedroom) to increase the physical and sensory dimensions of the house.