Benitez House


Sedella Málaga, Spain



Situated in the beautiful Axarquía region of Malaga, at a spot known as “El Molino”, near the village of Sedella. When the client called us to commission the project for his home, earth had already been moved at the site. This was a key factor in the choice of building location. The site was suitable because it meant that the house faced south towards the sea as well as affording access at both roof and ground levels. Initially, however, I was dismayed at the manner in which the ground had been dug, since far greater emphasis could have been placed on harmony with nature. Faced with this predicament, we opted for a roof that would blend into the landscape and be just another part of the house, a vantage point, a place to sit and relax, under a pergola built from the same wood used to build fences in the area. This pergola has not yet been fully completed. The house combines the kitchen area with the living room and painting studio (our client is an artist). The French window in the living room affords the sole view of the mountains and sea, providing a series of powerful landscape images at different times of day. The overhang that extends from the French window is supported by wires in order to avoid the need for pillars. This overhang provides protection against sunlight and dazzle in summer. In the studio itself, we have designed a window that is the same height as the interior of the house, thus facilitating views of the breathtaking landscape. From the terrace and inside, we can appreciate just how the house serves as a link between ourselves and the landscape, a place in which to enjoy the natural splendour of our surroundings.