47 Houses – Trinidad Street


Trinidad-Perchel, Málaga, Spain



The Trinidad-Perchel district is closely linked to Malaga’s old town centre, and the historic nature of the area meant that great care had to be taken in this particular housing project to respect the city’s architecture. The programme called for a series of homes, primarily of the one-bedroom variety, and a small number of bed-sitters. The approach chosen is that recommended by the PEPRI (city centre plan), involving a central patio in the style of the courtyard houses that occupied the area in the XVI century. Taking this concept as a starting point, we have made strenuous efforts to design homes in which light, sound and privacy can all be controlled via technical systems. This is evident in the automatic blinds and windows that overlook the central patio. The perimeter fences have been carefully designed to avoid creating a barrier to the passage of light. The main façade of the building has been designed not only to blend in with the window scheme already prevalent in the existing houses in the same street but also to avoid too much formal dominance on the part of our creation, thus allowing the church tower visible at the end of the street to remain the most significant iconographic landmark.